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Property People, a well-known real estate agency in Boise, Idaho, recognized the importance of updating their branding to target a new market segment. With a goal to position themselves as the go-to agency for high-end real estate in town, they aimed to establish themselves as the premier real estate agency in Boise. Through strategic marketing and SEO techniques, Property People aimed to attract affluent buyers and sellers who seek luxury properties in the area. By updating their branding and creating targeted content, Property People aimed to increase their online visibility, website traffic, and lead generation, resulting in greater success in the highly competitive real estate market in Boise, Idaho.



This is the old Property Rental People logo compaired to the new updated design.
Boise ID real estate company Property People buisness card design with gold accent. This shows off the logo and branding design concept for their new look.
Brand Logo design construction combining the "P" for Property People and the shape of a key to create the new logo
This is the examples of Property Peoples new logo as well as all of it's alternates. Exampled as followed: Horizontal Lockup, Circular Lockup, Vertical Lockup, and the logo mark.
This is an example of what Property People's Brand could look like with Graphic design services created here in Boise ID.
Property People wanted to go for an elevated style for their brand colors and design. Using typography and selected brand colors that were appealing for a high-end market.
This is an example of what Property People could use as a phisical marketing material. Every new home owner in Boise ID could walk away with free makreting.
Marketing design that would be powerful in Boise Idaho. This billboard would establish Property People as the Luxury home guides for Boise Idaho's realestate game.
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