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Located in his home town of Boise, Idaho Kevin Belisle is a freelance designer working out of his office in downtown. Kevin specializes in custom branding and graphic design as well as illustration and production work. He has worked with companies of all sizes including entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies.

With over a decade of experience, Kevin incorporates a broad spectrum of creative avenues into his work. Graduating with his Bachelor of Fine Arts from BSU where his teachers pushed the "do it yourself" mentality. Design, illustration, photography, and multimedia production were used to take his work to the next level. Being an artist as well as a designer has helped create not only functional design meant to reach a particular market but also a beautiful design that tells a cohesive story.

Kevin has the ability to take an idea and turn that into visual communication that speaks volumes to a target market. Almost any designer can make something that looks pretty – it's the "why" behind the design that makes a brand successful. His goal is to make memorable brands that can not only tell a companies story but leaves a mark on the consumer.

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